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Farmer’s Market Goodies June 13, 2009

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The trip to the farmer’s market this morning was made, bearing the previously mentioned strawberry-rhubarb pie. It was delivered without mishap and I am hoping it will be well received. I admit to having tasted some of the filling when it came fresh out of the oven, and to be frank, the crust could taste like cardboard and the thing would still be edible, so I suspect it will be enjoyed by all.

In addition to delivering the promised baked good, I also sorted out my raw goat milk subscription. I am lucky in that I live in one of the few states where the sale of raw milk is entirely legal. As of the first week of July, I will be receiving a half gallon a week. And finally, we also purchased some bacon from the same gentleman from whom we got the lard, bought a nice bunch of fresh chives, two dozen eggs from our dependable egg supplier, and the world’s most expensive chicken.

Here in Santa Fe there is a well known and much praised free range chicken provider known as Pollo Real. Which, translated from the Spanish, means real chicken. (I’m a linguistic genius…don’t try this at home). Given the price of the damn things, it better not only be real, but also gold plated and taste like ambrosia.

For two pounds of skin-on, bone-in chicken, we spent a mere $15. Now, I am all for real food and paying a little extra to get it, but I found myself grumbling as I parted with my EBT purchased wooden dollars. And it was on sale. Regular per pound price – $10.50. So, to be fair, we did get about a half a pound free by those calculations. However, I still miss those wooden nickels…

In either case, I will be grilling it up tomorrow and will write an in depth critique of the flavor, texture, and attitude as soon as I finish licking my fork.

In the meantime, however, I am going to try my hand at another lard crust, this time for a quiche using the aforementioned bacon, chives and eggs.

The last thing that bears mentioning regarding this week’s visit is that the chamisa honey is no longer in season. Buckin’ Bee Honey does, however, have a lovely substitution made from tamarisk nectar. The flavor was buttery and not too sweet, and immediately inspired me to make honey almond tarts. I am really looking forward to picking that up next week and creating another fabulous desert. Perhaps this time I will use a butter crust however, to compliment the honey.

Tune in for updates on the cooking results, and in the mean time, Happy Eating!


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