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Pie Crust and Tomatoes – connection? I don’t think so. June 15, 2009

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So after trying a variety of lard based pie crusts, I have determined that even though the type of fat used affects the texture of the crust a tad, the real key is pastry flour.

Nothing makes pie crusts more malleable and crumbly than a small portion of pastry flour. I have tried to reproduce the texture using all purpose, but nothing I do, from the temperature, to the type of mixing, will make my pie crusts behave the same as if I include some magic pastry flour.

Luckily, the pastry flour is whole wheat, so not only am I creating pie crusts with yummy texture, but they are also, technically, health food.

Go me.

On a more political and slightly less delicious note, I was highly disturbed last night, while watching The Next Food Network Star. Apparently Heinz ketchup is now advertising, proudly, that every tomato used in their ketchup is a Heinz seed. Their new tag line? “Grown, not made.”

Because apparently the fact that Heinz has managed to corner the market on mass producing a single type of tomato is something they are really proud of.

Way to create a monoculture!

Suffice it to say, I find it interesting, especially considering the problem they had recently implying their food is Farmer’s Market fresh.

I think I’ll just be buying a canner and making sure all the ketchup I eat from now on is grown from my very own tomato supply.

Happy Eating!


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