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A Food Declaration June 22, 2009

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I found this link and thought I should share it, even though it is slightly dated. An excerpt from the declaration:

We, the undersigned, believe that a healthy food system is necessary to meet the urgent challenges of our time. Behind us stands a half-century of industrial food production, underwritten by cheap fossil fuels, abundant and and water resources, and a drive to maximize the global harvest of cheap calories. Ahead lie rising energy and food costs, a changing climate, declining water supplies, a growing population, and the paradox of widespread hunger and obesity.

The declaration itself is a creation of Roots of Change, a sustainable agriculture organization. Their primary goal is to have a completely sustainable food system in the state of California by 2030. Their focus on California is primarily due to the abundance of agriculture for which that state is responsible – nearly a third of the food in the US comes from that state. More information about Roots of Change can be found here.


2 Responses to “A Food Declaration”

  1. Thanks so much – its vital to get more people to show their support – so activists across the nation can point to the Food Declaration and get more attention from press and policy makers.

  2. Matthew Kennedy Says:

    I’ve heard of you! You and that woman who was minister of health and nutrition (or something like that) from the U.A.E. are like food geniuses!

    Eat your heart out, Alton Brown!

    You ROCK!

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