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Slow Food and Slow Money July 17, 2009

It has been a few days since last I wrote, so apologies to anyone who has been popping in looking for updates. We have had an eventful week here as my cat had her babies and being a new grandmother has kept me from writing!

In addition to the new additions, it has been as hot as the devil here and I spend most of my energy trying not to move around too much. Luckily however, today is nice and overcast, the new kittens are sleeping peacefully with their mom and I actually have some free time!

My Farmer’s Market here in Santa Fe has been hosting a weekly Cook With the Chef series this summer, pulling the executive chefs from various restaurants in town who are participants in the local Farm to Restaurant project and having them do a cooking demo every Saturday utilizing fresh local ingredients which can be found at booths around the market. I am a regular attendee as a) I love to cook and b) I love to eat good food. (Samples are always provided!).

Last weekend there was also a book signing event coordinated during the same time as the demo, and I stopped to chat with the author briefly and discovered a wonderful organization I wanted to share with my readers. Woody Tasch, author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money was not only promoting his book (which I plan on reading) but also advertising for the first annual Slow Money National Gathering which is to be held in Santa Fe in mid-September.

The ideas behind the Slow Money concept are basically ones of changing our economic vision from a global to a local and sustainable economy. They use the phrase “nurture capitol” to promote the importance of investing in our local food economies and systems. This is taken from the web site, the address for which is provided below:

In order to preserve and restore local food systems and local economies; in order to reconnect food producers and consumers and reconnect investors to that in which they are investing and to the places in which they live; in order to promote the transition from an economy based on extraction and consumption to an economy based on preservation and restoration; we do hereby affirm the following Principles.

I. We must bring money back down to earth.

II. We must bring our money home. We must put money back into local economies and carbon back into the soil.

III. We must invest as if food, farms and fertility mattered.

IV. We must invest as if carrying capacity, diversity and non-violence mattered; as if aquifers mattered; as if childhood nutrition and food deserts and obesity side-by-side with hunger all mattered.

I am very excited to attend the symposium and am hopeful that by posting this some of you will also come to Santa Fe and participate in this ground-breaking event. More information about the Slow Money movement can be found at

This post is a part of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday’s blog carnival.


3 Responses to “Slow Food and Slow Money”

  1. Robert Pekin Says:

    here here Real Food Mama.
    We have sent two envoys from the Australian Slow Money gang to attend the gig down in Santa Fe. look forward to the revolution.
    We at Food Connect over here are big fans of Food Renegade too.

  2. realfoodmama Says:

    Hey Robert!

    Glad to see that the gig is bringing in people from so far afield! Hoping to be able to attend myself 🙂

    – RFM

  3. […] July I posted about the upcoming conference and provided some information about the Slow Money Alliance […]

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