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Food, Inc. and the continued wait. July 20, 2009

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I had big plans tomorrow night to attend a Slow Food hosted screening of this film. Unfortunately, the organizers had to cancel the screening and panel discussion due to the fact that it is still playing in the public theatre here in Santa Fe and as a result private screenings are not allowed.

What a huge disappointment! I was so looking forward to watching this film with a group of like-minded individuals and to follow it up with a nice discussion. I had planned on providing a review and a summary of the panel talk here on the blog, however it looks as though it has to be postponed.

Stay tuned however, as I have been assured that the screening will take place, however it may be some time down the road. I may just have to bite the bullet and go to the United Artist’s theatre after all! I really do not want to miss the opportunity to see this film. I hope that each of you has had the chance to go to this website and discover if the film is showing near you. If so, I highly recommend you take some time to watch – although it should be noted it is my understanding that some of the scenes are quite graphic and may turn you off meat for an undisclosed period of time.

Until then, Happy Eating!


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