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Flavor Tripping! August 15, 2009

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Miracle Berry

Miracle Berry

Last night I attended a flavor tripping party and my mind was blown.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phrase, flavor tripping is the term used to describe the experimentation with the Miracle Fruit. The miracle fruit is native to West Africa and has the mind boggling ability to make sour things taste sweet. Apparently it was used by the tribes of West Africa before meals in order to make their fermented vegetable stables palatable. It is now sold primarily for the entertainment of foodies such as myself.

The miracle berry contains a chemical compound that binds to the taste buds and modifies the way you experience sour, acidic and “tangy” flavors. The compound is called miraculin, which frankly, I find a bit ridiculous, but it really is miraculous. The eater rolls the berry around in ones mouth for approximately a minute, chewing slowly and making sure the flesh of the fruit completely covers the tongue. Then let the experimenting begin!

The spread included lemons and limes, goat cheese and sour cream, tequila, beer and several types of vinegar, a bunch of different pickles and most impressively, sorrel. The flavors were amazing. The lemons and limes tasted like candy, the Guinness like chocolate, the dairy products like cheese cake, and the sorrel…I can’t even begin to describe it. It was like a lemony citrus spice drop candy…incredible.

The effects of the miracle berry last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes and it is certainly worth trying out if you can get your hands on it. Unfortunately the one potential stumbling block to experimenting with this berry is the potential stomach upset gotten from consuming so many high acid foods.


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