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Goat update September 7, 2009

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As some of you may know, I am awaiting the arrival of a lovely female goat named Sweetie and her kids in the hopes that she will provide me with delicious, fresh, raw goats milk on a daily basis. In anticipation of her arrival I have (well no…I haven’t, my boyfriend has) been building her a lovely fenced pen and cozy barn and we have been patiently accumulating goat related supplies – such as a milking pail, hoof clippers, hay…you get the idea.

The way things currently stand is seems as though everything will be done in time for her arrival, however I am anxiously awaiting news of her delivery! You see Sweetie is currently pregnant and I agreed to purchase her and her offspring with the understanding that her current owner will disbud (dehorn) all kids and “alter” (a nice word for castrate) any males. Her due date, according to rough calculations, was Sept 5th. Since that day has past I am compulsively checking my inbox in the hopes that an email containing all the information about her labor and delivery, as well as the gender and quantity of the kids, will be there.

Sadly, it has yet to arrive. All in all, this is probably for the best seeing as the roof isn’t quite finished on the barn and I have yet to find a suitable storage container for her grain feed. But still! The anticipation is killing me. I have been fantasizing about all the things I can do with the milk – yogurt, cheese, possibly even butter! I can’t wait to start experimenting with it – especially as a substitute for regular milk in familiar recipes. For example, will goat milk make my morning pancakes taste funny? Inquiring minds want to know.

In either case, the wait continues and I will simply have to be patient. As any mother knows, you can’t rush these things. Kids come when they come. I just hope they come after the roof is up.


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