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Eek! A goat is in my yard! September 21, 2009

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We finally picked up one of our goats! Her name is Eek and she is an adorable 7 month old doe with a lovely coat and a beautiful blood line (meaning you can already see her teats).

She is a very mellow girl, and while she is terribly lonely at the moment, her companion Eve is due to arrive tomorrow morning. Hopefully the two of them will get along and there won’t be any problems. In either case she is a fabulous addition to the family and all of us are very excited she is here! (Especially my boyfriend who volunteered to sleep in the barn with her last night to keep her from bleating all night!)

While Eek is young, she will be bred this year, in about a month actually, and she will be our first pregnant goat. She seems small, but in terms of her size and age she is an ideal candidate for a yearling mommy.

It is a whole new world being a livestock owner, but I am really excited about learning all the ropes, bonding with the girls and most importantly, having fresh milk for our family!

Happy Eating!


One Response to “Eek! A goat is in my yard!”

  1. Millie Says:

    I followed your link from a comment you left at Nourished Kitchen. I’m glad I did! We are considering getting milking goats too and I’m interested in following along while you learn the ropes.

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