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Fall musings November 3, 2009

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So I have been so distracted by a variety of things that I haven’t written in weeks! First, my computer broke and was in the shop for two weeks, then my goat’s hoof was badly injured. This was followed by my request to host two parties and finally that brings us to this week. Things have just been crazy and sadly my blog has suffered as a result.

That being said however, I have some fabulous posts in the wings which I will be working on this week! Several new recipes, including some using my raw goats milk, as well as some interesting holiday ideas and discussions.

Tomorrow, look for my post about home made gnocchi, using potatoes from our garden! My favorite pasta, and while it is labor intensive, the results are totally worth it.

Until then, Happy Eating!


One Response to “Fall musings”

  1. kyce Says:

    can’t wait for those goat milk recipes!
    I started a blog, too. Check out

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