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Farmer’s Market score! January 11, 2010

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Farmer's Market harvest!The Santa Fe Farmer’s Market re-opened this weekend after a two week hiatus in observance of the holidays. I was very excited about going for several reasons and as usual, I was not disappointed.

The Farmer’s Market here in Santa Fe is like a large coffee shop – it has a permanent, dedicated indoor space and is catered by a local bakery which provides coffee and pastries, as well as local favorites like tamales and high class breakfast burritos with strange ingredients like gouda which cost a ridiculous six dollars. (Okay so clearly I am not a fan of the burritos). However there is definitely a sense of community at our farmer’s market and it is simply one of the many reasons I enjoy my weekly visits.

This last weekend I was particularly excited as I wanted to get some pecans (grown in the southern part of the state) and one of the enormous winter squash I had admired throughout December but failed to actually purchase. Luckily for me, both items were there on Saturday!

After reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, reviewed here, I have a plan for the squash that involves scooping out it’s innards and baking it with milk resulting in a soup cooked in it’s own turine (see this site for the recipe from the book).

As for the pecans, I am attempting to figure out how to make a pecan pie without using the standard corn syrup. I imagine a combination of molasses and honey would probably suffice, but I will have to think about it more. As soon as the recipe is attempted, I will post it!

Until then, Happy Eating!


4 Responses to “Farmer’s Market score!”

  1. anniespickns Says:

    Yes the Santa Fe market is wonderful. Was just there in October and hope to go again while I’m there in Feb. Last time I was there I had the most wonderful little flat roll with pumpkin and pine nut filling for breakfast. It was so good I went back and bought some to take back home with me.

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with for the pecan pie.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Question for you, I noticed you milk goats, but have you found any raw cows milk in the area? We live on a ranch northeast of Santa Fe, I havn’t had any hits for dairy cows around here. Still trying to talk my man into getting us a cow….does anyone sell it at the Farmers Market????

  3. realfoodmama Says:

    No one sells cow milk at the farmer’s market to my knowledge. The only raw cows milk I am familiar with is located south of Albuquerque in Bosque Farms. Last I checked it was going for $10/gallon and he couldn’t deliver due to regulations.

    I recently learned that a friend was buying a cow share, however, and will see if I can find the information for that. I will post it if I do!

    – RFM

  4. Carrie Says:

    Wow, $10 a gallon will help my arguement for purchasing a cow, thanks for the info.

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