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Food for Thought Tuesday – 2/9 February 9, 2010

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I have decided that given how many links I post on various social networking sites, and how much reading I do throughout the week, that I should really try to consolidate all that information into a weekly post so that my readers who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter can get all that info! Additionally, it might be nice to have a single “go-to” spot for this stuff so that it is all in one place. I know I certainly appreciate that!

Of particular interest this week to me was this article from the Cornucopia Institute about “raw” almonds. Apparently the USDA requires a “pasteurization” type treatment of raw almonds utilizing either high heat or a chemical application. The biggest concerns, according to the article, include the effect this is having on small scale farmers as well as the labeling issue – almonds treated this way can still be sold as “raw”! Now I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned if you treat something with “high heat”…you’ve cooked it!

I also learned this week that the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) legislation is undergoing a re-write. During consideration, the USDA went on a nation wide “listening tour” where they heard input from farmers across the country. The feedback really helped and made it clear to the legislators that the NAIS was not popular in it’s current form. Some of the key changes? It would only apply to livestock moving across state lines and the States and Tribal Nations would have a much broader say in regional enforcement. For more information check out the USDA news release. This is great news for anyone with a few chickens or goats in their yard!

Have you seen this? A teacher is eating school lunches every day in 2010 (barring her days off of course). If you’ve ever wanted a close up look at the school lunch program in this country, here is your chance. It’s pretty grim!

Check out my blog tomorrow for a wonderful beef stew recipe – I was experimenting last night and ended up with the best stew I’ve ever made! Until then, Happy Eating!


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