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Food For Thought Tuesday – 3/2 March 2, 2010

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This week has been spent doing a lot of work around the barn. It feels like spring, even though there is still snow on the ground and it’s hardly warm out.

We are awaiting our kids. One of my girls is pregnant and due within the month so there have been some additions made to the existing pen and we are getting ready to receive the little goats. Also, we have ordered our chicks and will have to make them a nice warm roost until they are big enough to survive the cold weather. Keeping them at 90 degrees may prove impossible, but we are going to get creative since they will be arriving at the end of March.

I also planted my first seeds of the year. I am trying to start my tomato plants from scratch, so to speak, and currently have 20 little pots sitting above the heater in my bed room. 10 Black Krim’s and 10 Red Brandywines. Hopefully they will all sprout soon!

That has been my week, but in the larger world of food, there are a few interesting stories.

The comment period regarding approval of Monsanto’s Round-up Ready Alfalfa ends tomorrow, March 3. This is another GE crop who’s cultivation could have broad sweeping impacts on organic dairy. If you haven’t already, please let the USDA know you are opposed to the approval of this crop! To submit your comment, go here.

Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, is doing a new reality show here in the states. What does he tackle? The American school lunch program. Check out the video’s on youtube…simply search Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and watch the previews. Pretty terrifying stuff – especially the scene where a room full of first graders couldn’t identify a tomato. While I look forward to seeing this, mostly because I am curious about how the school lunch program really works, I am wondering if Jamie won’t just rehash the whole “fat free everything” mantra that pervades American “health food”. We shall see however. The first episode airs March 26 on ABC.

Lastly, for those of you local readers, this week is Santa Fe’s inaugural Restaurant Week. The City Dipherent’s favorite restaurants are offering prix fixe meals for two at special prices. This is a great way to sample some of the best restaurants in town without spending an arm and a leg. For more details, go here to see which restaurants are participating and how much their menu’s are running.

Until next week, Happy Eating and Reading!


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