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Goat disbudding and the horror of it all. April 13, 2010

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The kids have been disbudded and they are both doing fine, although one has a rather odd growth coming out of one of the horn buds. I am a little concerned that the disbudding didn’t take. Apparently, from what I’ve read and learned, male goats are harder to disbud than females as the horns are much more stubborn. I am hopeful that it won’t sprout into a full on scur, but I’m not confident it won’t. Here are some pics:

As you can see, it is white, seems to have no hair growing on it and has pushed the scab from the original disbudding up and off. It doesn’t smell funky, the little guy is romping around like normal and generally acts totally healthy so I am not convinced it is an infection, although I was originally worried that was the case.

Any thoughts are helpful!

Aside from the above mentioned issue, the goats are doing well. Eek seems to be over motherhood already, which is a good thing because I plan on selling the boys this weekend…unless the weird scur issue makes them unsellable. She has put on some weight and her foot is finally fully healed and all of her hooves have been clipped. She does okay on the milk stand, but given how frequently the boys are draining her, I’ve managed to get no more than a few tablespoons at a time and that was under much duress! Hopefully when I start separating them (first time tonight!) I will get more milk from her.

All in all, my caprine friends are doing well, are ornery as ever, and generally stink. But I love em!


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