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More Goat Trauma July 27, 2010

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So while I was working on some fence repairs my crazy goat Eek suffered a pretty disgusting and (hopefully) relatively minor injury.

She got her eyelid stuck on the fence and currently looks like she was in a boxing match.

This part of animal husbandry is the part I hate. The injuries are par for the course but the problem I have is that I am a complete wimp when it comes to taking care of them. I don’t want my animals to suffer, but I am incapable of holding an injured animal down to clean a wound or give it a shot or any of the other things that must be done for the good of the animal.

Luckily for me there is a very good goat vet in the Santa Fe area and she is going to come out tomorrow to look the girl over, clean her up and possible stitch up her eyelid if necessary (gross, sorry).

Unfortunately I still have to milk the poor girl this evening and I am frankly not convinced that I will be able to. She has to get up on the stand and I usually have to fight with her…all she is doing right now is hiding in the barn trying to keep her eye (actually the whole side of her face) turned towards the wall.

Ugh, I hate goat trauma!


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