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Tomato Sauce October 8, 2010

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This year I have decided to try something a little different with my copious quantities of tomatoes. Last year I processed them into spaghetti sauce using a recipe that I sort of made up – a no no as far as canning is concerned. However we went through it in about two months and it really only served one purpose – spaghetti sauce.

This time around I wanted to have a more basic ingredient on hand so that I can make things like chili, soups, Indian recipes…so forth. The solution to that is to make simple tomato sauce. The process is actually easier than that of making spaghetti sauce, at least initially. Unlike spaghetti sauce, where you have to peel, core and preferably seed, your tomatoes. This is a process than can take up a bit of time, especially if you are doing a large batch of sauce. To make a simple tomato sauce, however, all you do is core them and cook them for about twenty minutes, then strain them in a mesh strainer to remove the peel and seeds as shown in the picture.

Straining the seeds and peels

The next step in the process is to cook the remaining liquid pulp down until it has thickened and reduced about half.

I tried a sample batch this morning that used a combination of the Brandywine and Black Krim tomatoes I grew this season. The result was an incredibly sweet, slightly tangy, very rich tomato sauce that will work wonderfully in a variety of recipes.

Strained Sauce


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