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Holiday Pie Crust – some tips November 24, 2010

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Don't fear the crust!

For years the one thing that filled my cook’s heart with terror was the idea of rolling out pie crust. It was crumbly, it always broke and I inevitably ended up just using my hands to mold the ornery dough into the pie pan anyway.

That is, until I learned a few “secrets” that have made my pie crust woes disappear! So, in the spirit of giving and Thanksgiving I figured I should probably share them with all of you.

Really, there are only a few tricks to the perfect crust.

1. Use about 1/3 pastry flour. This flour binds together better and provides a better texture as well as more hold. My typical ratio is 1 1/2 c all purpose to 3/4 c pastry flour. I like whole wheat, but it really doesn’t matter as long as you use it!

2. When you place the crust in saran wrap to chill, make sure it is a disc shape instead of a ball. This facilitates easy rolling without all the annoying cracking, crumbling and crying usually associated with it.

3. Learn to render lard and use it. It really does make the dough easier to work with than if you go all butter.

4. While you don’t want a sticky pie dough, you do want it moist. Don’t err on the side of dry just because you worry an extra tablespoon of water is going to push you over the edge.

5. This is really the most important…Don’t fear the crust! You are the boss and the crust should know it.

In general, pie crust does take a little bit of practice, and can be overly intimidating, but in reality it should be easy as pie 😉

Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!