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Home Made Feta – finally tried it! August 16, 2010

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About a month ago I made a batch of home made feta using my goat milk. I set it aside in the fridge in the brine, as directed, and let it sit for a little over four weeks. Today, while going through the fridge and trying to decide what kind of cheese to make, I pulled it out and gave it a nibble.

Unfortunately it was horribly salty. Inedible, even. Unwilling to give up, I took a piece and rinsed it off under the faucet, then tried again. Still incredibly salty. Like…olive salty. It was delicious, but more than a teeny nibble would dehydrate you instantly.

So then, still unwilling to give up, I set a piece in a dish of water in an attempt to pull more salt out. Sadly this wrecked havoc on the texture, causing it to turn slimy, but it did slightly remedy the salt situation. Rather than soak the entire batch, however, I think I will simply rinse the cheese before using it, and use it very, very sparingly.

This brings me to my real point, however, which is that I am going to make more feta today. I am hoping that if I make a few changes to the recipe the end result will be more palatable. For instance, when letting it dry I will not salt it as much, and when making the brine I think I will back off on the salt content in there as well.

The recipe I used is pulled off the Fiasco Farm web site which is a great resource for all things goat and dairy. There are several great cheese recipes on the web site as well as an abundance of information regarding care and handling of goats.

I am hoping to be able to post in about another month about a successful batch of feta, but until then I will have to content myself with teeny, tiny nibbles at the saltiest cheese on earth!

Happy Eating!